4th Level Human Sorcerer


Navos was a sorcerer who had aligned himself with the draconians during the Uprisings of Vas during the year AC1259.

The draconians in the region surrounding Rothsal soon took Navos as the leader of their cult, the sorcerer claiming to have seen visions of Vas, the dragon informing him that he was the vessel to begin the new age of the dragon’s claim to the continent. Under Navos’s command, various settlements of all kinds in the area around the Great Forest and the Ana’Len Mountain Ranger were sacked, and the survivors of these attacks were frequently captured so that Navos was able to use them as sacrifices to Vas.

Aras and his traveling companions Odver and Inel had seen firsthand the destruction that had been caused by Navos’s troops, as during their travels to recruit the various free people of the area to fight the draconians they had came across many of the villages that Navos and his men had destroyed. The sheer loss of life that Navos had caused struck a chord with the Monster Hunter, who soon made it is mission to find the sorcerer and slay him in order to prevent the madman from killing any more innocent civilians.

Aras and his party eventually encountered Navos within the halls of Fortress Nenjers, as the warparties of the sorcerer had eliminated the Northern Riders who had manned the fortress in order to use it as a base of their operatations. Navos soon showed Aras the power that he wielded, as when Aras attempted to fight the sorcerer Navos casted a death spell upon the Monster Hunter. Aras nearly died from this infliction, however Inel threw herself in front of Aras in order to protect him, taking the full effect of the spell’s power. Too weakened by the spell to aid her, Aras was only able to watch on as she died in front of him and watch as Navos calmly walked away from the duel, content that his minions would deal with the Monster Hunter.

Odver saved Aras after finding him and Inel in the cells that their fight against Navos occurred, only to watch on as Inel passed away from the result of her wounds inflicted by the death spell. Despite the loyalty he felt towards his best friend, Odver soon felt as if his and Aras’s mission to find help for the people of the region was fruitless upon seeing Inel’s death, and soon returned to Rothsal in order to aid them as well as he could on his own.

Aras saw things much differently, however, and continued on after Navos on his own, knowing that the sorcerer was the figurehead of the attacks that had plagued his homeland and was responsible for Inel’s death. Knowing full well that he would most likely die in a second duel against Navos, Aras was determined to fight to the death and began the hunt for the Cultist leader.

In the time after the encounter of Nenjers, Navos had continued to have his draconian troops attack settlements in the region around Rothsal, but found that the Northern Riders had begun actively fighting back after the losses they had sustained at Nenjers. With his warparties diminished in strength, Navos decided to retreat to the east, where the draconians already held much ground and had captured the human capital city of Vels. Aras soon became aware of Navos’s plans and gave chase, unwilling to allow the sorcerer to escape and continue his path of violence against the people of Northern Ahrea.

The chase continued on throughout the western side of the Ana’Len Mountain Range, Aras barely able to keep up on the trail of Navos, who was aware of the Monster Hunter’s efforts to locate him. Before ascending the Ana’Len Mountain Pass, Navos and the remaining men of his guard set up an ambush, hoping to kill the one threat to Navos’s survival. Aras fought on despite the odds, and was eventually severely wounded by a crossbow bolt in the leg. Yet again, Navos had decided to walk away and allow his remaining men to finish off the Monster Hunter, not believing Aras was worth being too concerned over. Aras survived his own execution, however, having hid his own crossbow and drew it before the Dak’Rahn tasked with killing him was able to strike the killing blow. After dealing with the remaining few draconians under Navos’s command, Aras continued the hunt, knowing that it was only the sorcerer who remained.

After two more weeks of chasing the sorcerer across the Ana’Len Mountain Range and Pass, Aras finally came across Navos for the last time within the Endel Wood outside of Vels. Navos had still fully believed that he would win against the Monster Hunter, and casted a death spell upon Aras during the opening moments of their duel. Aras was nearly crippled with the spell, however due to his desire to seek revenge against the sorcerer Aras continued to fight, surviving two more attempts by Navos to kill him with death-inducing spells. Navos soon realized the error he had made, as though he had been capable of killing anyone he had met before with his spells he had not come across someone with Aras’s resolve, and found himself at the edge of Aras’s sword Kinsir.

Navos fought on as well as he could after the failure of his spells, but was slain by Aras. His Cult of Vas soon disappeared after his demise, however the remaining elements elected to join the much larger force of draconians that had aligned themselves with the Black Legion of Vas.

Even by the year AC1262, Navos is still remembered in name by those who draconians who had fought with him during the Uprisings of Vas, and is seen as a martyr of sorts for their kind. (Ahrea Campaign 4, Ahrea Campaign 5, AC1262.)


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