2nd Level Human Rogue


Level 2 -
Strength: +1
Constitution: +1
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: -1
Wisdom: +1
Charisma: +1
HP: 12
AC: 17

Statistics -
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Hair: Black, Two long strands in front, short bun in back.
Eyes: Brown
Age: 18
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 110lb.
Gear Shown: Shortsword, Dagger
Outfit: Cloth Tunic, Cape


Hilde is a young girl who lived as a street urchin in Rothsal, having stayed with Aras in Adgar’s home multiple times as they grew up together. The fate of her parents is unknown, though it is believed they died during a trip to Vels. Without parents Hilde was left as an orphan in the streets of Rothsal, and without Adgar’s assistance often resorted to stealing in order to survive. Though the town guard of Rothsal often arrested her for her thefts, they overall felt pity for the girl and let her free almost every time that she was caught.

Aras and Hilde grew really close together over the years, and Aras thought of her as an adopted sister in a way. Though he was unable to leave Rothsal due to Adgar’s insistance that he stayed, Aras made sure that he worked hard enough as a lumberjack and smithy assistant in order to make sure that Hilde could enjoy as much of her life as she could. She was horrified to learn that Aras was to be executed for the death of Ellever, and other than Adgar was his only vistor to his jail cell – where she stayed the entire night.

Once he was freed by a wyvern crashing into the jail, Hilde watched on as Aras left to defend the town from the Dakans’ counterattack. Though she was relieved to see him alive after the battle, she soon found out that he intended to return to the Tomb of Dakavarn in order to exterminate the threat to Rothsal. Unable to let him venture alone in fear of his life, she accompanied him despite his wishes that she did not. Once Aras began the trip to the Northern Fortress to get assistance to Rothsal, Hilde joined him, and followed him for the rest of his journey in North Ahrea.

Unfortunately, Hilde died defending Aras from a sword blow meant for him in Fortress Berdinas, and informed him that she had always loved him with her last words.


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