3rd Level Human Fighter


Level 3 -
Strength: +2
Constitution: +2
Dexterity: +1
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 0
Charisma: -1
HP: 32
AC: 16

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 20
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 145lb.

Equipment -
Kinsir (Mastercraft Human Longsword)
Leather Armor


Aras was a young man who grew up in the town of Rothsal – a town that was still struggling to recover from the effects of the 1st War of the Reign nearly 40 years ago by the year AC1259. Son of a “Monster Hunter” named Arvic, Aras was trained from a young age in melee combat and swordfighting – though this training ended prematurely when he was ten years old, as Aras’ mother disappeared and Arvic was lost when he went to search for her. It was never determined what ultimately became of them, and Aras was soon taken in by Arvic’s old friend Adgar. Adgar saw the potential that Arvic’s son had as a fighter, but shunned the boy’s skills in favor of instilling more intellectual pursuits in him – having had seen the horrors of war firsthand, Adgar was more than willing to find any way to prevent Aras from ever experiencing such things.

Aras grew up with a bit more knowledge than most of his friends in the town had – though he grew up feeling that he was in the shadow of his father, never having any real memories of him other than the legend that his father’s friends portrayed him as. Aras began to harbor some feelings of resentment towards himself – though he was competent enough as a normal citizen, he felt that he failed to live up to the example that his father made. Regardless, Aras did the best he could in order to live up to his father’s deeds – he attempted to join the town guard but was rejected due to how poorly his swordfighting skills had become since he was a young boy. However, he did have some merits – Aras befriended another orphan named Hilde during his childhood, and often defended her from the villagers in the town when she was accused of theft. Content that Aras would end up having a normal life, Adgar loosened his grip on Aras’ life by the time he became an adult – though Aras soon began to develop a sense of wanderlust looking at the world beyond Rothsal. Though he had been employed as a lumberjack and as a smithy’s assistant, Aras was not content with the life he lived and was wanting to explore the world as his father did.

Unfortunately, this came at a cost – AC1259 marked the year of the “Uprisings of Vas”, when the draconians received word from an oracle (Later to be revealed much later to be Vanatos, Aya’s father who was originally known as Anatos) that the black dragon Vas was to be ressurrected soon. The draconians started to prepare for their “god”’s revival by ransacking the villages of North Ahrea, in part to get revenge for their loss in the 1st War of the Reign and in order to reduce the numbers of men they would have to fight in a new war. Rothsal was one of the villages that the draconians began to attack, and Aras was soon swept up in the chaos. His friend Ellever was killed during an exploration of a resting site for the draconians, and Aras was blamed for her death – being sentenced to be executed for causing her demise. Aras was freed during the night by a wyvern crashing into his cell during a draconian raid, and though he was free to run away, Aras began a counterattack against the draconians. Having helped save the village by driving back the draconians, though himself feeling remorse for Ellever’s death, Aras proposed to send himself into their resting site once more in order to fight the draconians to the death. Adgar and several of Aras’ friends rejected his request to go alone, however, and they managed to eliminate the immediate threat to Rothsal.

Knowing that this was most likely not the end of the draconian attacks, Aras proposed to send himself on a quest to ask for the assistance of King Windsor’s Northern Riders to protect the town from further attack. Knowing that he was intentionally attempting to get himself killed, Aras’ friends came along on the quest to assist. They managed to recruit a girl named Inel on the road during their travels, and Aras soon found himself having feelings for the girl. Their travel to the Northern Rider’s fortress left them unsatisfied as the King’s men refused to listen to the cry for help, so Aras and his band continued towards Ia’Nellsa to the east in order to request help from the High Elves. Aras soon began to see the scope and utter horror of the draconian uprising – finding all sorts of elven villages to have been destroyed during the raids, and the loss of his friend Cronden. A trip back to the Northern Riders ended up with his band traveling to the Fortress Berdinas – where though they found plans indicating a wide-spread war was inevitable, the party lost Hilde during the fight. Aras was devastated to lose his dear friend, and even more so when she informed him of her love for him – realizing that he had traded an entire peaceful life for the violence he was now very familiar with. Desperate to get revenge, the Northern Riders sent his party to hunt down a cult leader named Navos – a key figure in the draconian uprisings.

Feeling as if he could end the war by killing one of the leaders responsible for the coordinated attacks, Aras gladly took his party in to find Navos in Fortress Nenjers – though ultimately all but Odver lost their lives in the attempt. Aras was devastated by the loss of Inel and his childhood friends, though determined to hunt Navos until his own death if needed. Odver did not share his best friend’s goals, though – feeling that his place was back in Rothsal rather than the increasingly violent landscape of North Ahrea’s woodlands, and went home. Unmoved by his friend deserting him, Aras continued on to hunt Navos over the course of nearly two months – finally killing the man in the Engel Wood outside of the city of Vels. Aras nearly lost his life in the encounter, though he was rescued by a band of wood elves led by a dark elf named Cha’Nali. The elves nursed Aras back to good health, and Aras decided to continue on to find assistance for his homeland from Ia’Nellsa as the uprisings had now swept up the human-held territory.

Unfortunately, Aras found his new friends to be captured by elven slavers, being informed that he would die if he was to attempt to aid them. Unwilling to let those who had helped him to be put into slavery, Aras abandoned his quest to Ia’Nellsa in order to get revenge on Norman Vortice and his slavers – along with any other beast or man that would stop him.


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