Ahrea Campaign 1: Dawn Of The Monster Hunter

Session 4: Return to Dakavarn

Aras, Adgar, and Odver return to the Tomb of Dakavarn, where the Dakans still hold Ellever’s body.
After much fighting, Aras is able to kill the chieftain of the Dakans, and is able to reclaim Ellever’s body from the beasts.
After assisting in the burial of his childhood friend, Aras is torn about what has happened in the last few days, but decides he will continue to fight the Dakans on Ellever’s behalf.
The town agrees with Aras’ self imposed exhile, and see to it he leaves immediately – tasking him with finding the Riders of the North in order to inform them of the new hositilies between the draconians and the cilivians of the Rothsal area.
Odver agrees to go with Aras, and the two depart from Rothsal after speaking with Adgar.



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