Ahrea Campaign 1: Dawn Of The Monster Hunter

Session 3: The Raid on Rothsal

Aras is woken up in the middle of the night to find a wyvern crashing into his cell at the jail, being freed by the beast.
Feeling remorse over Ellever’s death, Aras reclaims his sword and ventures out for revenge, finding that the whole town is being overrun with Dakans.
Aras fights his way through the crowds of Dakans, finding Odver in the town square. Despite Odver holding much anger towards Aras for Ellever’s death, the two agree to fight in order to protect the town.
The two encounter the wyvern that crashed into the jail earlier, and Odver is badly wounded by the beast. Aras goes on alone to fight it, and is knocked off the mountainside with it.
Aras survives the fall, and with his sword broken manages to stab the beast dead with only the broken hilt remaining.
Aras returns to Rothsal with the citizens being mixed in opinion of him, some finding him a hero and others feel he deserves his death.
Adgar manages to convince the majority that he and Aras will go to Dakavarn to deal with the Dakan threat.
Adgar gives Aras Kinsir, the sword that Aras’ father used.



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