Ahrea Campaign 1: Dawn Of The Monster Hunter

Session 3: The Raid on Rothsal

Aras is woken up in the middle of the night to find a wyvern crashing into his cell at the jail, being freed by the beast.
Feeling remorse over Ellever’s death, Aras reclaims his sword and ventures out for revenge, finding that the whole town is being overrun with Dakans.
Aras fights his way through the crowds of Dakans, finding Odver in the town square. Despite Odver holding much anger towards Aras for Ellever’s death, the two agree to fight in order to protect the town.
The two encounter the wyvern that crashed into the jail earlier, and Odver is badly wounded by the beast. Aras goes on alone to fight it, and is knocked off the mountainside with it.
Aras survives the fall, and with his sword broken manages to stab the beast dead with only the broken hilt remaining.
Aras returns to Rothsal with the citizens being mixed in opinion of him, some finding him a hero and others feel he deserves his death.
Adgar manages to convince the majority that he and Aras will go to Dakavarn to deal with the Dakan threat.
Adgar gives Aras Kinsir, the sword that Aras’ father used.

Session 6: The Elven Mourning

Aras, Odver, and Inel come across a band of cultists – they hold two high elves hostage and are prepared to sacrifice them to Vas.

Aras and his party defeat the cultists, and finds

Session 5: The Open Tundra

Aras and Odver encounter Cha’Nali and her band of elves, the dark elf mistaking them for slavers. After a few tense moments, the two are let go free of harm.
In the middle of an intense blizzard, the two come under attack by a band of Dakans, and defeat them.
As the two continue traveling northwards, they come across Inel who was about to be eaten by wolves. They rescue her, and she joins their company as she was searching for her brother, a rider of the North. She informs them that many of these attacks have been occuring all over Northern Ahrea.

Session 4: Return to Dakavarn

Aras, Adgar, and Odver return to the Tomb of Dakavarn, where the Dakans still hold Ellever’s body.
After much fighting, Aras is able to kill the chieftain of the Dakans, and is able to reclaim Ellever’s body from the beasts.
After assisting in the burial of his childhood friend, Aras is torn about what has happened in the last few days, but decides he will continue to fight the Dakans on Ellever’s behalf.
The town agrees with Aras’ self imposed exhile, and see to it he leaves immediately – tasking him with finding the Riders of the North in order to inform them of the new hositilies between the draconians and the cilivians of the Rothsal area.
Odver agrees to go with Aras, and the two depart from Rothsal after speaking with Adgar.

Session 2: Blood is Drawn

The Dakan mage in command of the nest in the Tomb of Dakavarn cremates the bodies of the Dakans that were killed in the ambush on the Rothsal party. It states that the “lord” Vas will assist them in killing the humans and taking back the world that has been held by the humanoids for so long.

In the meantime, Aras wakes up in the town’s hospital, being tended to by Hilde, Adgar, and Odver. Aras is informed that it has been 3 days since he had been wounded, and had been in a coma since that battle. Having been wounded on the left side and in the face, Aras is rather pained from his injuries. Hilde tends to him for some time, though she is chased away by Ellever who takes over the duty.

Hilde and Odver go to the tavern for drinks after tending to Aras, but several of the Guard shame Hilde for spending Aras’s money while he remains severely wounded. Odver comforts her, though he notices Lanver looking at her in a remorseful way.

The next day, Aras attempts to return to work in the woods but makes his injuries worse in the attempt. Though he argues with Lanver and his boss about his capabilities, the two ultimately force Aras to return to bed rest in fear of him killing himself accidentally by working too hard.

Adgar and the Baron Odven discuss Rothsal’s response towards the Dakans due to the new threat, though Adgar presses the Baron to wait until more information is available – they are not aware of the exact location of the Dakan nest, and Adgar refuses to use his magic as a tool of war again. Adgar’s personal recommendation is to allow King Windsor the 2nd’s Riders of the North to deal with the situation, though the Baron is not thrilled with the solution. In order to satisfy Adgar, the Baron sends Rothsal Guardsmen Onell and Crears as messengers – Onell to the south towards the town of Durodes to personally request assistance from King Windsor the 2nd, and Crears northbound to Fortress Neren of the Northern Riders.

Unsatisfied, the Baron informs the Guards Captain Wesden to form a squad in order to determine the location of the nest and to intimidate them into not assaulting Rothsal in they event they make contact. He orders Lanver to escort Ellever and Alliver into battle – personally requesting him to ensure their safety.

Fearing for the general safety of his allies (and very aware that another ambush by the Dakans could result in the loss of human lives), Lanver decides to visit Hilde and request her help. Despite his hesitations, Adgar allows the Guardsman in, and Lanver finds Hilde in a very depressed state. He attempts to make peace with her for the last ten or so years, informing her that he needs to use her skills gained as a thief in order to quietly find the nest. He uses her fears of losing Aras in a long term war in order to gain her compliance, and arms her with a shortsword – very much intending to keep her alive for Aras’ sake and sanity.

The scouting party departs in the middle of the night, and reaches the outlook grove where the Dakans were encountered. Hilde is successfully able to determine that the Dakan nest is within the Tomb of Dakavarn, however she is discovered by Dakans guarding the nest and is intercepted. Wesden calls to abort the mission and orders the party to retreat, leaving Hilde behind. Lanver feels extreme remorse for leaving her in danger, however, and disobeys the retreat commands in order to rescue the girl. This causes a great amount of confusion, and several of the Rothsal Guard join Lanver in retrieving Hilde instead of retreating.

However, as the group intending to retrieve Hilde enters a clearing in the woods, the Dakans launch a surprise assault – using flares in order to blind the troops in the open while opening fire with their bows. Guardsmen Oryo, Ilan, Raen, and Kradas and Guardswoman Ori are killed in the ensuing battle – most of them being shot down in the open after being blinded by the flares. Lanver and Croden are able to rescue Hilde from being killed, though the two and Alliver are wounded by the enemy arrow volleys. After an intense battle with the Dakans, the surviving members of the scouting party are able to retrieve the dead and retreat to Rothsal.

Aras becomes aware of Hilde’s disappearance and finds her upon the scouting party’s arrival to town. He’s glad to see her alive – though it is at an apparent cost. He is mortified along with the rest of the town to find that 5 Guards were killed during the skirmish – being one of the most bloody days of Rothsal’s history within 20 years.

Session 1: Call to a Life Unknown

Aras spends his days logging the woods outside the village of Rothsal, though he is having thoughts about leaving town and exploring life’s other possibilities due to his childhood friend Hilde having left town – he isn’t too content with his life as it is. His best friend Odver attempts to talk him out of such ideas, and they continue logging.

Upon returning to town, Aras is surprised to find that Hilde has returned to town – and is subsequently being beaten and arrested for stealing by his friend Lanver, a member of the town’s militia. Aras bribes Lanver in order to have him overlook the situation, and dutifully helps Hilde after her incident. Odver and Aras find themselves reprimanded by their boss due to their late arrival and lack of progress in the field after helping Hilde, and are informed that they will both be fired due to their incompetence if it keeps up.

Aras returns home with Hilde, who says that her visit to the North Ahrea capital city of Vels was decent – though she dodges the particulars of her stay there and why she came back to a town were she had nothing. Aras insists that she will always have a place to stay, and enters a conversation with his adoptive father Adgar after she has fallen asleep. Adgar convinces Aras to put more of a full effort into ensuring her well being, which Aras does by heading out in the middle of the night to cut firewood.

Odver and Motten (another lumberjack, and a member of the town guard that had attempted to arrest Hilde during the last night) head to the field the next morning, wondering where Aras had gone. They find him stacks deep in firewood, and help him despite Motten’s hesitance due to Aras’s money going towards Hilde’s pockets.

Upon returning to Rothsal, Aras, Odver, and Motten are paid 1 GP apiece for the amount of wood they retrieved for the day – far more than usual. Odver gives Aras his share, telling him to take care of Hilde with it. Ellever intercepts Aras on the way home – telling him to make sure he isn’t taken advantage of (obviously referring to Hilde), and that she wants him to tag along on a group hike the next morning. She kisses him on the cheek as she leaves, and Aras informs her that he’ll be coming along. Upon returning home, Aras gives Hilde her share of the money before the two fall asleep. In the morning, Aras invites Hilde along for the hike, though she’s rather hesitant due to the company involved.

Despite the initial hesitation of Lanver to allow Hilde to come along, the party sets off to see the outlook to the south of Rothsal – where they are unaware that a number of draconians known as Dakans have made their nest in the nearby ruins known as the Tomb of Dakavarn. The dakans assume the group to be a militia scouting party, and prepare to ambush them.

Hilde informs Aras that she lied about her reasoning for returning to Rothsal as the two fall behind the main group while they talk, but she is interrupted as the Dakans ambush them. The others realize that the two are in danger, but also find themselves under attack from a second group of Dakans. The party enters their first combat, and Aras is severely wounded in the stomach during the ambush. Though the party successfully kills their attackers, Aras ends up being knocked unconscious by a Dakan during the battle and appears to have died from blood loss.


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