Northern Ahrea, AC 1259.

The Uprisings of Vas have begun.

An oracle has stated that soon the ancient dragon god will Vas walk the world of Iellos again, arisen after the defeat he had suffered at the hands of the legendary warrior Agnoth during the ending days of the War of the Black Reign forty years prior.

Their spirits revived with the foretold resurrection of their god, the draconians have begun to march the lands of Northern Ahrea once more, seeking to reclaim the lands held by the people of Ahrea for the glory of Vas.

With each passing day, the draconians have made their marks deeper into the territory lines of Northern Ahrea. Forty years removed since such a grand conflict, the people of the North are all too willing to give up their lands, not knowing that the draconians will show them no mercy.

Within the span of months the eastern half of Northern Ahrea has been claimed by the draconians, and their relentless conquest has claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people in their wake. The requests for aid to King Windsor the 2nd of the southern kingdom have gone unanswered, as the kingdom wishes to make a truce with the draconic people. The draconians wanted no such peace, however, and as the people of Ahrea refuse to change their lands and lives have been taken under the reign of a new order.

It is in this time a young man leaves his home in the path of the father, in hopes of defending those who are unable to defend themselves.

Ahrea Campaign 1: Dawn Of The Monster Hunter